OS NEXUS Quantastor


OS NEXUS makes next generation storage appliance software which was designed to address modern challenges in cloud computing, Big Data and high performance applications.

The company has created an integration with Librato for its flagship product, QuantaStor, a unified storage appliance platform.

To set it up follow the administrator’s guide on the OS NEXUS wiki. Quantastor creates the following gauges:


  • CPU Load Average
  • Storage Pool Free Space
  • Storage Pool Reads Per Sec
  • Storage Pool Read kB Per Sec
  • Storage Pool Writes Per Sec
  • Storage Pool Write kB Per Sec

If you have set up Librato and are not seeing metrics show up in your Librato account take a look at the troubleshooting guide.

For more help you can contact OS Nexus support or Librato support.