filter(set[], options)

Given an arbitrary number of series, allows you to limit or exclude metric streams based on the values the streams contain. The filter function takes a series, a set of bounds, and an aggregate function. It applies the function to each stream and only returns streams whose result falls within the bounds provided.

  • gt - Greater than
  • lt - Less than
  • gte - Greater than or equals
  • lte - Less than or equals
  • function - Aggregate function applied to each metric stream. Must be one of
  • min, max, sum, or mean. Defaults to mean.


The following expression will return all streams for ELB instances whose average latency peaked above 0.025 seconds within the last hour (or whatever duration is selected):


The ELB instances whose average latency never went above 0.025 seconds are not rendered on the chart:


To only show ELB instances where the mean latency never dropped below 0.025 seconds during the last hour use function:"min":