Does Librato work on mobile devices such as phones or tablets?

Librato works well on tablet-sized devices but we realize that we still have a way to go before we can label ourselves ‘mobile ready’.

That said, we’ve made some improvements over the past months to ensure that you can log in to the site on your phone, e.g. for when you receive an alert. The sign in page and related pages like password reset and email confirmation are mobile friendly.


When you sign in to Librato you will see the desktop version of the site. It’s not ideal but it will allow you to navigate the site in emergencies.

The Alerts section is a lot more mobile friendly.


You can view alerts, resolve them, even edit the configuration.

This is only the start of our effort to make Librato more mobile friendly. We will be improving the mobile experience over time. If you have specific use cases using mobile phones, please contact us to help us prioritize our efforts.

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