The account usage page gives you a snapshot of your current usage. The report looks at the past 24 hours and lists the top 500 metrics ordered by contribution to the overall cost.

Here’s an explanation of terms used in the report:

METRIC: Shows the metric name. If you click on it, it will take you to the metric detail chart.

5S, 10S … 300s: This is the resolution of the metric. For example if you see 404.2 in the 60S column, that means that that metric had 404.2 sources reporting at 60s resolution in the past 24h. The reason you may see a fraction of a number is because during the 24h window in which the report was generated you may have added or removed sources.

EST. COST/MO: Shows the impact of the metric on the overall cost.

Use the “Download CSV” link to download a csv file of this report.